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How To Use Chat GPT For SEO And Do Keyword Research -TechInfoss

Have you heard about chat GPT and do you want to use this Chat GPT for Blogging and to rank on google so if you have this query, and want to know How To Use Chat GPT For SEO and How To Do Keyword Research By Chat GPT then continue with this article we TechInfoss has done deep analysis on this topic and we will discuss A Chat GPT chrome extension that will change your style of doing SEO below.

How To Use Chat GPT For SEO And Do Keyword Research

So lets Start the topic, hello guys we are TechInfoss and today we are going to tell you about an interesting method of Chat GPT by which Chat GPT will do SEO(Search Engine Optimization) for you. Now a question will arise in your mind how does Chat GPT can do SEO, it only gives the answer to the question which we ask to Chat GPT. But it's true Chat GPT will do all the works which are used to do SEO in just a single step.

It will give you a list of all the things that you need for SEO like the Title, Description, Keywords, and much more in fact it will also do if on that particular keyword, you want to rank on google which is given by Chat GPT and if any other website is ranking on that keyword it will analyze that particular website's content and give you better content than his.

So it is important and beneficial for those who want to rank on the top page of google because to get high and free traffic google is the best, there is no other best option to get high traffic than google so read this article carefully it will be where helpful for you.

Chat GPT Chrome Extension

What we all do when using chat GPT, is just ask Chat GPT to do your PPT, Homework, Search for something, Write an Article, Poem, Story, and much more thing according to your field. Like if you are a student then you think How can use chat GPT for students? and then you find that you can complete your homework with the help of chat GPT like this a programmer can think that How to use chat GPT for coding? then you get that Chat GPT can write a code for you...

But if I say that chat GPT is on that level where people are developing and using extensions and plugins which help you to do different more type of work. And it is gone be next level for you, Like we use any extension for google chrome now we have an extension for Chat GPT.

So without getting late I am going to tell you about the extension and that is AIPRM for Chat GPT. This AIPRM chat GPT extension is an extension of chrome. google .com.

yes, this is the extension that will help you do SEO and keyword research.

How To Use Chat GPT For SEO?

So we already know that with help of the AIPRM Chat GPT chrome extension, we can do SEO and keyword research. In this topic, we will discuss how to use the AIPRM chat GPT chrome extension.

so let's follow these instructions to use the AIPRM chat GPT extension.

1. First of all, just go to google search and type AIPRM chat GPT then click on the first link after opening that link you will see a screen of the AIPRM chat GPT extension and a button will be shown just simple click on that button ADD TO CHROME.


2. Now when you click on add to chrome a pop-up button will appear, add extension simply click on add extension button.


3. After clicking add extension a new page will open of OpenAI API and you can see two options Log in or Sign up just click on the signup button and sign up for chat gpt. Now it will ask you to enter your email then your password and remember this email, and password because it will ask at the time on login chat GPT after that you have to verify your email after that you have to enter some details like your name and then mobile no. and also you have to verify your mobile number an OTP will receive by WhatsApp. now you can see the chat gpt interface and chat GPT is ready to use.

chat gpt home screen

Now you can see different options for SEO just click on that option and explore to do keyword research and it will do all the things you need for SEO. like you can just click on the keyword strategy and search your topic or keyword it will give you all the important things that you will need for your blog post article it will analyze your keyword and then show you what title you should use the meta which is very important for any post to rank on google it will give you the meta description. like these things you can explore muxh more because it can do all the work for you in just a few seconds it's amazing guys so use this chat gpt chome extension and enjoy using Chat GPT.

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