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Chat GPT: What is Chat GPT & How To Use it ?

We are talking about Chat GPT api the latest trending and new Technology on the web which is launched on 30 November last year(2022). It is AI Chatbot which is developed by Open AI for customer service people who can use it for different purposes. And for this project, Microsoft Company has provided Funding of 1 Billion Dollars. We can say that OPEN AI and MICROSOFT both companies developed this software. In a short time, it is getting high responses from users and being the most popular and trending Technology. But many people are unknown of this Chat GPT and want to know What is Chat GPT & How To Use it? so be patient and continue with this post we are TechInfoss team has done deep research about this Chat GPT and will help you to understand How Chat GPT Works?

What is Chat GPT & How to use it?


  • What Is Chat GPT?

  • Features of Chat GPT?

  • Limitation Of Chat GPT?

  • How does Chat GPT Works?

  • How To Use Chat GPT?

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT ( Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformation) is the trending latest technology based on AI(Artificial Intelligence) basically, it is a chatbot which is launched recently on 30 November last year 2022.

Chat GPT is a pre-trained chatbot that will give you responses like a human you can do any query to Chat GPT AI and it will do 100 searches based on AI then it will give you the proper result. we can also call chatbot the future search engine. A chatbot is made of two-word chat and bot as we know what is chat and it is not necessary to explain what is chat but Bot means a robot by whom we can chat like humans.

What is chat GPT?

In simple words, we can say that Chat GPT is a robot that can help you in different fields it will make you feel like it is your assistant, mentor, or a member who chats with you and help you to do some work. But only the prototype of this software is launched for trial the main software is not completed yet.

now understand how it will help you for example if you are a student and want to solve any question or you have been assigned a project and you want that someone will help you to complete your task. Then chat GPT will help you build your project based on its AI.

Features of Chat GPT?

Now let's talk about the features of Chat GPT, so if we talk about its features of chat GPT it is developed for customer support people use it for different purposes and those purposes are the features of the Chat GPT. When you ask any query to Chat GPT it will give you the answer in natural human-based language means it will make you feel that you are chatting with a human being.

Chat GPT can do different types of work:
  • Write Blog Post

  • Write Letters, Poems & stories

  • Solving your Queries

  • Doing Coding

  • It Can make PPT for Office work

  • It can give you New Ideas

  • Work as Translator

Limitation Of Chat GPT?

In Chat GPT there are multiple limitations because it is an AI-based Just chatbot that is developed for customer support and it will give you results related to the data for which it is trained it may not able to generate responses or situations that are never seen before. because if Chatbot is not trained for that data.

A major limitation of chat GPT is that it can only chat like a human but remember it is not a human it has no emotions, and can not give you emotional and personal support. If you try to do a deep conversation about any difficult or complex topics then it may be failed to fulfill your related topic.

How does Chat GPT Works?

As we discuss that Chat GPT which is a chatbot can do different types of work like can write an article on any topic, it can write a letter or story for you, can do your kid's homework, can give you new ideas for your business and it also can do help to your office projects like ppt and more works like these.

but how it is working we all are curious to know how it will work. so we know that a chatbot is an AI robot and it is trained and it has a big database of the last 10 or 20 years so when you ask anything to the chatbot it analyses the topic and then does 100 searches in the background within a second and then it gives you the answer or does your work.

The whole system is working on the mechanism of AI(Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning. this chatbot can be the replacement for search engines because after the launch of the trail of this Chat GPT, it went popular and people are excited to use this latest technology.

How does Chat GPT Works?

How To Use Chat GPT?

Let's learn how to use this chat GPT in this topic we will cover and tell you that Chat GPT website, chat GPT Sign up, and Chat GPT login.

so, first of all, you have to visit the official website of chat GPT which is click on this open ai it will take you to the official website of Chat GPT.

To use you have to signup and login to chat GPT so follow these steps :

  • On the home page, you will see a button written TRY CHATGPT. Simply click on that button.

  • Now you can see two options Sign in and Signup so first click on the signup button.

  • now enter your email in the email box and fill in the captcha and click on continue it will tell you to create a password enter your password and click continue.

  • Now a verification email you will receive check your inbox and simply verify that.

  • After email verification, it will ask for your name then you have to do your phone verification you have to verify your phone number by OTP.

  • It is done you can use the chat GPT.

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