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Best Apps To Control An Android Device Remotely

Updated: Jan 27

Best apps to control an android device: Today's world is smart and technology is playing an important role where everyone needs a smartphone these days. But some people

need help understanding the smartphone's features so that they can use it. but is hard

to make someone understand the features of the smartphone if you are far from them because it is not possible that you can take their device in your hand and help them.

In some other situations where some people use more than one smartphone, one for personal use and the other for professional use, and sometimes the people forget to carry one of the smartphones and suddenly need that smartphone, in that situation the person gets into a problem.

so, a question arises whether you can control an Android device remotely or not. And the answer is yes. so we will talk how to control android phone remotely .you can control an android device remotely from your home or your comfort place, there are many apps to control an Android device remotely but it is really hard to find the best app so the TechInfoss team shortlisted some of the best apps available on the play store by which you can control An android device remotely.

Now we are going to tell you about the best apps to control an Android device remotely but we request you to use these apps for good purposes, not for bad intentions. so let's get started all the apps mentioned below are the best apps available on the play store to control An Android device.



The ApowerMirror app is the first on our list. It is one of the best and most powerful apps available on the play store to control an Android device remotely.

this is the first on our list because ApowerMirror has endless features which make it different from other apps. You can fully control an Android device from a PC or Mac by using this app. ApowerMirror also provides a feature to cast and share an android screen to pc by using WiFi and USB where you can record the screen of the android and control the Android by keyboard and mouse.

ApowerMirror has 3.9 ratings and over 10 Million downloads.

2.AirMirror: Remote Control

AirMirror comes second on our list. the rating of this app is 4.3 on the google play store and it has over 1 million downloads. this app is used to control an Android device remotely. But to get access to the android you need to install the android application on the targeted Android device and after creating an account by Gmail you need to log in with the same account in Airmirror.

This app has the features that you can see the screen of the targeted device and it has one-way audio recording feature this feature helps you to hear all the surrounding sounds of that device. This app has also a good feature which is a camera feature by which you can see the surroundings of that device but to use this feature you have to buy the premium plan.

3. TeamViewer: Remote Control

Teamviewer is one of the best apps on the play store to control devices from others and it has features that make it better than other apps available on the play store the application was initially made available for the Windows PC only but now it is available for all the devices by using this application you can control any of these - Windows PC, tablet, Phones. it is an old application so without any doubt we can trust that is safe and secure.

The app has over fifty million downloads on the play store this app provides the endless feature to control Windows PC, Linux, Android, and Tablet. by this app you can transfer files in both directions.

You can watch the video tutorial on our Youtube channel

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